It Takes a Village - Maternity and Generations Photography Session

I was pretty excited when Savannah approached me to do an extended family session. We had known each other for a while through La Leche League and she was expecting her second. Breastfeeding and babies? Yes, please. And an opportunity to photograph her adorable son was totally the icing on the cake.

Gator Fans - Fort Pierce - Treasure Coast Family Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

Grandparents were of course a part of this Extended Family Session. I think there is more than a little bit of Gator blood in this family. Possibly a third generation here in another 16 years?

Gator Fans - Fort Pierce - Treasure Coast Family Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

Watching grandparents dote over their grandchildren is such a joy. I know, for my parents, it was almost more exciting than having their own children.

Generations Photography Session - Fort Pierce - Treasure Coast Family Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

I loved his little face here. He was finally opening up and making some goofy expressions. As it turns out, this is his poop face. Sorry grandpa! Haha.

Fort Pierce - Treasure Coast Maternity Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

Finally, I captured the beautiful shape of her burgeoning belly. Supporting her only child while her arms are still free to.

And then, being supported by her family. Her village. I love finding deep and meaningful images like this for every family I work with. So much love and all the combined years of relationships captured in a single image. Oh, my heart!

It takes a village - Maternity - Generations Family Session - Fort Pierce - Treasure Coast Family Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

Ebb and Flow Birth Services: A Doula-Birth Photographer collaboration for Treasure Coast families

I first met Shaelyn at a birth and I instantly fell in love with her. As a person and as a doula.

Ebb and Flow Photography - Treasure Coast Birth Photographer - Shaelyn Toman Doula - Home Birth

It was hers and our client's first home birth, but you'd never be able to tell. The mood was set for relaxation among the calming essential oils puffing away in the diffuser she toted along and the flicker of tiny, battery-operated candles she spread about the equally tiny bathroom. The birth was precipitous and she was right where she needed to be every step of the way.

It was clear within minutes of meeting her that she was Born to Doula.

Ebb and Flow Photography - The Oxytocin Emporium - I believe in you and your ability to birth - lotus tee

A few months later she responded to a model call for a product photography session for The Oxytocin Emporium. She modeled like a pro in Alexa's gorgeous goods. BUT she stood out among all the models by helping. Even though she didn't have to. Even though it was never asked of her.  She's a helper. And she's the kind of person you'd want by your side in the brightest and darkest of times.  (pssst! she's also #badassmotherhelperPSL)


The Oxytocin Emporium - Doulas do the Hip Squeeze - Ebb and Flow Photography - Treasure Coast Small Business Photography

So when Shaelyn approached me earlier this year with the brilliant idea to collaborate our services I didn't even have to think. My answer was a flat out YAAAAAAAASSSSSS.

Within a week we had shared our first client.

Ebb and Flow Birth Services - Ebb and Flow Photography - Shaelyn Toman Doula - Treasure Coast Newborn Photographer - herbal bath

And so, Ebb and Flow Birth Services was born.

We put our heads together and came up with a cool collaboration to help our clients get the best of both of our services. Kinda like a one stop shop.

So. If you are looking for a doula AND a maternity, birth, or newborn photographer and love being REAL and RAW and EMPOWERED... go no further. We are here to make you feel beautiful and strong in this often vulnerable time in a new mother's life. We are here for YOU. 

Ebb and Flow Photography - Ebb and Flow birth services - milk bath - treasure coast maternity photographer

10 reasons to hire a birth photographer

Ebb and Flow Photography - 10 reasons to hire a birth photographer - treasure coast birth photographer - vero beach birth photographer

Birth photography is still a young field of photography. Thankfully, it is picking up momentum and people are becoming more aware of what it is. Even large media outlets, such as the Today Show and the Huffington Post, are helping to bring birth images front and center to the masses that normally would not be exposed to it.

If you are here, you probably already know that birth photography is more than just the crowning image, it is a story. That is why I have always referred to my birth photography packages as BIRTH STORIES.  We, as Professional Birth Photographers, are primarily mothers ourselves so we understand how personal birth can be and we carry that experience with us as we document birth stories as they unfold. So, not unlike selecting a compatible OB/midwife and doula, I understand how important it is to choose a Professional Birth Photographer that you can trust into your sacred birth space.

Over the years I have compiled a list of reasons to hire a Professional Birth Photographer for your special event.

Ebb and Flow Photography - 10 reasons to hire a birth photographer - treasure coast birth photographer - vero beach birth photographer


10 reasons to hire a Professional Birth Photographer

1. Your partner and birth team are free to focus entirely on you without the additional task of capturing photographs, especially during the moment of birth. I float around your birth space, moving seamlessly around your birth team. I know when to move and I know when to step out.

2. You and your partner/ support people will be in the photographs.

3. Your photographs will be in focus. They will be taken by a professional who is skilled and experienced with photographing high action and in low light. Who else would you choose to preserve the fleeting first moments after the birth of your new baby means but a Professional Birth Photographer with the tools and experience to do so?

4. This event is one of the most monumental of your life that you can have photographed. Becoming a parent, whether it is for the first or fifth time, is a life-changing event. People spend money to have their wedding photographed, why shouldn't this occasion deserve similar attention?

5. Memory fades. These images will keep the important moments fresh and allow you to see the timeline of your birth.

6. It saves time. You can focus on your baby and leave all the photographing, culling through images, and editing to a professional. I will even print them for you and make a book to tell your birth story so you can spend more time connecting with your new family member.

7. Perspective. Birthing mothers often focus inwardly. Birth photography allows you to see the birth as a whole and from a different perspective.

8. Babies grow fast. All those tiny features that make a newborn a newborn are gone in a blink of an eye. They look different after a week, even a day!

9. Birth Photographers document stories. Not just a few snapshots. It is not just my job to tell your story, it is my passion and an art form I have dedicated myself to.

10. Birth Photographers can capture parts of the story you never see. Family waiting just outside the door, a sibling's first response, a mother's reaction.


And a bonus one: Healing. Traumatic births can break a parent both physically and mentally. Birth photography can help process the events and start the healing process.

Share this with anyone hesitant about birth photography! Or better yet, share it with someone here on the Treasure Coast looking to have their birth documented.

Birth Becomes Her International Breastfeeding Photography winner - ebb and flow photography

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hurricane irma from fort pierce, florida - a short film - treasure coast documentary photographer

Hurricane Irma was a force of Mother Nature like none other.  As I write this now, two weeks later in the comfort my air conditioning, I am so incredibly grateful for our only moderate inconveniences that resulted from the storm. Still, I cannot bring myself to really take in the joy of how our area was spared and my friends are all safe when this season has seen such catastrophe and so much sorrow. 

With my children held tight, the bathtubs full of water, and my camera battery charged, I documented our experience. We had no idea if we'd be under the eye or not as we watched her barrel through homes over islands and ocean. But we hoped and wished, twirled our arms at, huffed and puffed at, trained love bugs to flap their wings at the same time, threw coconut oil at.... everything we could do to somehow will Irma to pivot out to sea.

Whether or not to evacuate was a huge dilemma. With a breadth wider than the great state of Texas, the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA was in the path of Irma. And if you did evacuate, where could you go when nearly seven million people were pouring out of Peninsula of Destruction? Add in that the cone of uncertainy during the best time to evacuate still covered Alabama to Georgia. You basically had to go to as far as Wisconsin to be safe.

And there were no flights, even though airlines graciously capped ticket prices. There was no gas. Not to mention bumper-to-bumper traffic that required consuming even more of that precious resource. It took a full day of driving to get sometimes 4 to 6 hours away. Children screaming. Dogs whining. Collisions, breakdowns, panic. Evacuating was a mental, financial, and logistical nightmare.

So we weighed our situation and joined the majority of our neighborhood by hunkering down. This was our experience leading up to, during, and following Hurricane Irma in a small neighborhood in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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LLL of the Treasure Coast 2018 Calendar - Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Photographer

This spring I did a thing. I took it upon myself to photograph a breastfeeding calendar. Why, oh, why would I donate 13 portrait sessions when I already had a full plate? I swear this was going to be the year of no freebies. BUT. I felt very strongly about this. I am passionate about documenting real nursing relationships. Diversity of families in shape, color, nursing history. I set out a model call and found breastfeeding mommas from all over the Treasure Coast. From Vero Beach to Hobe Sound. All different stories. Twin mom, tandem nursing, SNS mom, part time custody. And at each session I listened to stories about how La Leche lifted them up. Gave them support, encouragement, tips. In the darkest days for some. Without hope, without home. Let me tell you, photographing with tears in your eyes is not easy.

The images I documented serve to lift these women up. They can share them and say, "look how far we came," or, "this was only just the beginning," or even, "I am proud of who I am and I want the world to know that I breastfed my child."

So here we are, a few weeks away from World Breastfeeding Week. The calendar is now available to purchase and all proceeds go to the La Leche League of the Treasure Coast. Where will you hang your calendar? <3

LLL of the TC 2018 calendar - Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography
LLL of the TC 2018 calendar - Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography