Behind the scenes: prepping for a milk bath session - Vero Beach Milk Bath Photographer

I love doing sneak peeks of floral baths for my clients. After I have carefully curated and purchased all the flowers/leaves/branches, I give them a day to open up a bit more at home before I trim them in preparation for decorating the bath and tub. I line them all up on the bar at my kitchen counter (out of reach of toddler’s hands) and let them do their thing. That’s usually when I scan past them with my phone and share it as a story on Instagram. Clients love it and we all get excited together for the session the next day - a floral-adorned milk bath or herbal bath.

In preparation for today’s session, I also tried my first go at a time-lapse video using a GoPro. Flower trimming took about 45 minutes. You’ll also notice my 3 year old came in and wanted to cut her own flowers too. She packed them up just like I did, then stuffed them in her purse to use to take pictures of her unicorn, Daddy, and brother. My little photographer in training… on instagram