little punkin

Our recent move to Florida has made it official: I have lived on all four corners of the continental U.S. Living so close to the tropics is new for me. So far I love the produce, the palm trees, plants I used to have to grow indoors all grow outdoors and sometimes even in the wild, and the beaches are so full of shells and the water is a magical blue-green. I knew I would miss the cooler seasons (although raking leaves and shoveling snow are things I wont really miss) but I didn't expect to miss pumpkin patches.

Here on the Treasure Coast  there are only a few farms that I have found that host a pumpkin patch akin to what I knew and loved so well.  What I have found instead is that the churches go all out and fill their lots and lawns with rows to pick from. But the northerner in me wanted a richer experience for my son's first pumpkin picking experience, even if he's too young to remember. So I searched and asked around, eventually finding Pumpkin Towne. This one was on a little lot and decorated with hay bales, corn stalks, photo ops, and even a bouncy house (maybe next year for him). They even have wagons to pull your treasured pumpkins about. So off we went to find little Shark Bait's first pumpkin. Although he was more enthralled with the other kids running around than the pumpkins, he nevertheless enjoyed himself.