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Ashley and Chris are an amazing couple. They are both wicked smart, crazy talented, and adventurous. So when a giant storm front appeared as we met for Ashley's maternity session neither one of these world travelers flinched. In fact, Chris caught an amazing panoramic of our session as the storm front glided ever closer to the lagoon. It's not likely that I will ever have such an opportunity to capture such epic weather during a session so I am extremely grateful to these two for being game.

And below is the picture Chris took during the session with his iPhone. Pretty sweet.

deuces and dinosaurs

This little guy is turning two soon! And if there's one thing that I've learned as my own little guy rapidly approaches this milestone himself, it is that toddlers are not naturally still. They are full of wonder, movement, amazement, and emotion. And here I got to capture a few moments of reflection in the chaos that is love and life.


happy and adventurous family - white city park - fort pierce family photographer

When this family rolled out of their new mini van clad in eyelet lace I swooned. I have always had a (secret) thing for eyelet lace, so I just knew I would love photographing this family.

The girls were so adventurous, climbing up everything and running everywhere. The oldest said, "take a picture of me, I'm lost in the forest." What a brave little soul, running carelessly through the dappled fading sunlight among the palm trees.

And what an inspiring, loving momma. She is so full of love you can see it pouring out of her in everything she does. From the way she explored along the water's edge with her daughters, to how she melted into her husband's arms, and especially in her immediate response to nurse her youngest after she had been bitten by a hand full of fire ants (alas, it is Florida and they seem to be everywhere). I consider myself lucky to know her and her family.

family-at-the point

Cute by the Cut - handmade boutique bows and headbands - treasure coast child photography - fort pierce florida

Rachel makes pretty things.

She has three amazingly gorgeous children and she is the owner of Cute by the Cut, specializing in boutique hair accessories AND party decor. Talk about one super mom!

As it turns out, her family moved down to Florida from the Mid-Atlantic too just before ours did. We both babywear. And we both started up our businesses since moving to Florida.  So naturally, we hit it off.  To celebrate our entrepreneurship we decided on a product-oriented portrait session with her two girls.

Of course Florida weather is always unpredictable, so our first session had to be postponed due to rain. But I'm so glad we waited. The  day that we got together was gorgeous. There was just the right amount of breeze and the girls could run around in their dresses without needing sweaters. Her girls were excellent models with just the right amount of curly blond hair, giggles, and sass.


quintessential florida - treasure coast family photography - palm tree alley

One thing I absolutely love about the Treasure Coast is that there is no lack of locations for photo shoots. We have the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean which shares its cerulean, aquamarine, and sea glass green waters with the fabulous Indian River Lagoon. Talk about amazing beaches and beautiful coastal habitats. Then of course we have savannahs, coastal dunes, forests, rivers, islands, orange groves, botanical gardens... the list of outdoor photography venues goes on and on. And it is Florida so there are always palm trees to be found.

Location scouting can be a fun part of being a photographer. It helps to have my dedicated models around to take some test shots.

Location scouting can be a fun part of being a photographer. It helps to have my dedicated models around to take some test shots.

The other day I stumbled upon two rows of palm trees that were planted at an entrance to a beach. These palm trees are begging to have portraits taken among them. Imagine your family portrait or your beautiful and round pregnant belly framed by quintessential Florida?  Or what what about a romantic snuggle captured in time with the sun setting behind you?

Babywearing among the palm trees.

Babywearing among the palm trees.

Let me preserve your memories of LIFE, LIVING, and LOVE in this timeless and beautiful location. Contact me for scheduling a session by clicking here.