Ebb and Flow Birth Services: A Doula-Birth Photographer collaboration for Treasure Coast families

I first met Shaelyn at a birth and I instantly fell in love with her. As a person and as a doula.

Ebb and Flow Photography - Treasure Coast Birth Photographer - Shaelyn Toman Doula - Home Birth

It was hers and our client's first home birth, but you'd never be able to tell. The mood was set for relaxation among the calming essential oils puffing away in the diffuser she toted along and the flicker of tiny, battery-operated candles she spread about the equally tiny bathroom. The birth was precipitous and she was right where she needed to be every step of the way.

It was clear within minutes of meeting her that she was Born to Doula.

Ebb and Flow Photography - The Oxytocin Emporium - I believe in you and your ability to birth - lotus tee

A few months later she responded to a model call for a product photography session for The Oxytocin Emporium. She modeled like a pro in Alexa's gorgeous goods. BUT she stood out among all the models by helping. Even though she didn't have to. Even though it was never asked of her.  She's a helper. And she's the kind of person you'd want by your side in the brightest and darkest of times.  (pssst! she's also #badassmotherhelperPSL)


The Oxytocin Emporium - Doulas do the Hip Squeeze - Ebb and Flow Photography - Treasure Coast Small Business Photography

So when Shaelyn approached me earlier this year with the brilliant idea to collaborate our services I didn't even have to think. My answer was a flat out YAAAAAAAASSSSSS.

Within a week we had shared our first client.

Ebb and Flow Birth Services - Ebb and Flow Photography - Shaelyn Toman Doula - Treasure Coast Newborn Photographer - herbal bath

And so, Ebb and Flow Birth Services was born.

We put our heads together and came up with a cool collaboration to help our clients get the best of both of our services. Kinda like a one stop shop.

So. If you are looking for a doula AND a maternity, birth, or newborn photographer and love being REAL and RAW and EMPOWERED... go no further. We are here to make you feel beautiful and strong in this often vulnerable time in a new mother's life. We are here for YOU. 

Ebb and Flow Photography - Ebb and Flow birth services - milk bath - treasure coast maternity photographer