saint patrick's day - green fluffy butt - fort pierce child photographer

As of yesterday we are cloth diapering.  I have been on the fence for a while about whether to and in a whole new (and more laborious) routine to our already busy lives. But when I was given 2 diapers by a dear friend I couldn't say no. A few days after that I was cleaning out another friend's stash.

I am lucky to have such great friends and such wise and generous women in my life. And this little guy is lucky to be certifiably at least a little bit Irish. My great grandmother stepped off the boat with a shock of red hair and a smile that would melt anybody's heart. Oh, and I'm pretty sure she was a female Leprechaun.

To celebrate all that is lucky, green, and even a little bit Irish I velcroed on one of his new-to-him, well-loved green cloth diapers. Then I followed him as he ran around with his Irish sheep that his auntie brought home from Ireland while he was still in my womb. Yes. He was just in a diaper in March... it was 82F out. I am still not used to Florida; last St. Patrick's Day we were in Maryland with snow!


golden birthday - port saint lucie - treasure coast child photographer

A golden birthday only happens once in your lifetime. It is the only birthday when your age and your birth date are the same. Say your birthday is the 25th? Then your golden birthday would be when you turn 25.  Pretty neat. I wish I had known about this long ago when I had mine.

Fortunately for Madison, she knew that turning 6 on the 6th was her golden birthday. I was lucky enough to be invited to capture the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime event. To make it even more special, we brought an armory of gold glitter and set our session at the golden hour. I may still be cleaning up gold glitter, but these pictures were totally worth it.

Happy GOLDEN birthday Maddie!

golden-birthday-01 bokeh2 1200 eaf.jpg

Cute by the Cut - handmade boutique bows and headbands - treasure coast child photography - fort pierce florida

Rachel makes pretty things.

She has three amazingly gorgeous children and she is the owner of Cute by the Cut, specializing in boutique hair accessories AND party decor. Talk about one super mom!

As it turns out, her family moved down to Florida from the Mid-Atlantic too just before ours did. We both babywear. And we both started up our businesses since moving to Florida.  So naturally, we hit it off.  To celebrate our entrepreneurship we decided on a product-oriented portrait session with her two girls.

Of course Florida weather is always unpredictable, so our first session had to be postponed due to rain. But I'm so glad we waited. The  day that we got together was gorgeous. There was just the right amount of breeze and the girls could run around in their dresses without needing sweaters. Her girls were excellent models with just the right amount of curly blond hair, giggles, and sass.