Baby Sullivan - Monsters Inc themed Cake Smash

Today this little guy is ONE. He's traveled around the sun one entire time. He's crawled, laughed, ate chicken wings, and already started walking.

And it might be a little apparent from his birthday theme where his name came from. ;) Check out his cloth diaper, too.

Monsters Inc themed cake smash // Ebb and Flow Photography

This guy was ready to dive in before we could even set things up. He's got a monster appetite!

Monsters Inc themed cake smash // Ebb and Flow Photography

The cake was Blue Velvet with cream cheese frosting, whipped up by mom. SOOOOOOOOOOO good. I tasted a nibble and was practically drooling during the whole session.

Monsters Inc themed cake smash // Ebb and Flow Photography

And, if we didn't stop him he probably would have eaten the entire cake. No kidding. Just look at him licking frosting off of his tie.

Monsters Inc themed cake smash // Ebb and Flow Photography

Jessica's Breastfeeding Journey

Never have I met a family with such generosity, dedication to natural parenting, and such an individual sense of style. I consider myself lucky to know the Jabonete family. So when they asked to book not one but three sessions with me I was a little bit more than excited to document and share this wonderfully unique family.

Breastfeeding at the Beach // Ebb and Flow Photography // #jabonetemonth

This breastfeeding session was the first of a month full of sessions with them, which I fondly call #jabonetemonth :)

Jessica is dedicated to public breastfeeding awareness as well as breastmilk donation. So I asked her to share her story in her own words, which are below. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing so much of yourself and letting me honor your journey through these photographs.

Breastfeeding at the Beach // Ebb and Flow Photography // #jabonetemonth

Jessica's Breastfeeding Journey: When Mike and I found out we were pregnant I started doing a ton of research on all things baby. I immediately knew that I wanted to breastfeed. When Sullivan was born, I was so relieved that he knew exactly what to do. He latched perfectly all by himself. About a month into our breastfeeding journey, I began to pump to build up a freezer stash for when I would return to work. I was very lucky to have a very supportive job that allowed me to pump every 3 hours so I could keep on schedule. Soon after my return to work, Mike and I decided that we wanted me to be a stay at home mom. When we got everything all sorted out, I realized that my freezer stash wasn't really needed by us. Sullivan preferred breast over bottle but I was still pumping to "empty" the other side. I started looking into breastmilk donations and soon found several families in need of what I had an abundance of. I began making large donations to 3 families; a mom who just needed a little extra while she was on a new medication, another mom who was struggling with pump supply issues, and a single father who had just adopted his son. I continued helping out the families as often as I could whether it was through breastmilk donations, advice on supply, or even finding a donor that lived closer to them. Once Sullivan started to become more active, my pumping time dropped drastically. My son hardly ever has bottles anymore since we find it easier to just nurse when he's hungry, we've always nursed on demand. I still donate when I can but now in smaller amounts. Sullivan is now 11 months old, just a couple weeks away from a year old, and I have been able to donate over 8,000 ounces of breastmilk to families in need. I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing supply and I'm so proud of all of the aspects of our breastfeeding journey. I plan to continue nursing for as long as Sulley wants to continue since there are still a ton of benefits for breastfeeding even for toddlers.

Breastfeeding at the beach // Ebb and Flow Photography // #jabonetemonth
Breastfeeding at the beach / Ebb and Flow Photography / #jabonetemonth
Breastfeeding at the Beach // Ebb and Flow Photography // #jabonetemonth
Breastfeeding at the Beach // Ebb and Flow Photography // #jabonetemonth

saint patrick's day - green fluffy butt - fort pierce child photographer

As of yesterday we are cloth diapering.  I have been on the fence for a while about whether to and in a whole new (and more laborious) routine to our already busy lives. But when I was given 2 diapers by a dear friend I couldn't say no. A few days after that I was cleaning out another friend's stash.

I am lucky to have such great friends and such wise and generous women in my life. And this little guy is lucky to be certifiably at least a little bit Irish. My great grandmother stepped off the boat with a shock of red hair and a smile that would melt anybody's heart. Oh, and I'm pretty sure she was a female Leprechaun.

To celebrate all that is lucky, green, and even a little bit Irish I velcroed on one of his new-to-him, well-loved green cloth diapers. Then I followed him as he ran around with his Irish sheep that his auntie brought home from Ireland while he was still in my womb. Yes. He was just in a diaper in March... it was 82F out. I am still not used to Florida; last St. Patrick's Day we were in Maryland with snow!