saint patrick's day - green fluffy butt - fort pierce child photographer

As of yesterday we are cloth diapering.  I have been on the fence for a while about whether to and in a whole new (and more laborious) routine to our already busy lives. But when I was given 2 diapers by a dear friend I couldn't say no. A few days after that I was cleaning out another friend's stash.

I am lucky to have such great friends and such wise and generous women in my life. And this little guy is lucky to be certifiably at least a little bit Irish. My great grandmother stepped off the boat with a shock of red hair and a smile that would melt anybody's heart. Oh, and I'm pretty sure she was a female Leprechaun.

To celebrate all that is lucky, green, and even a little bit Irish I velcroed on one of his new-to-him, well-loved green cloth diapers. Then I followed him as he ran around with his Irish sheep that his auntie brought home from Ireland while he was still in my womb. Yes. He was just in a diaper in March... it was 82F out. I am still not used to Florida; last St. Patrick's Day we were in Maryland with snow!