Little A's Nautical Theme Nursery

One thing that I love about Lifestyle photography is the opportunity to capture more than standard portrait photography. Lifestyle photography is a documentary style of photography akin to photojournalism. And, when you welcome me into your home for a Lifestyle session my camera becomes a time capsule in which moments and mementos become stored.


During this Lifestyle Newborn session I got to spend a few minutes in little A's nursery. As I spun around, clicking away with my time capsule, I was in awe of the time and careful effort that his parents took in cultivating a room just for him.


Books from his father's and his grandfather's childhood were mixed among the brand new ones on the bookshelf his father painted. Adorable adornments specifically chosen for their color and nautical/marine associations decorated the walls and shelves. Quality items were selected by his aunt who runs a baby boutique. A handmade crochet mobile spun from the ceiling (my contribution) and one of many crocheted blankets from his grandmother laid carefully strewn upon the rocker in the corner.


There was so much love in that room without a single person being there. And I was honored to capture it all for this new family.