World Breastfeeding Week 2018 Mini Sessions

Each year, breastfeeding is celebrated world wide during the first week of August: World Breastfeeding Week. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action partners with breastfeeding, health, and nutritional organizations to host events and bring awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding - poverty reduction, better nutrition for babies and children, and food security.

During WBF is the Big Latch On, a world wide event bringing breastfeeding parents together for community and support.  I have participated in every BLO since having children, except one when I was pregnant. My first BLO I didn't get to join a group, but I did nurse my easily distractible son in the back seat of our car in the dark basement parking garage of a Whole Foods. My husband took a photo right at the moment to be counted as virtual participant. We had latching issues for months and I wish I had broken through my social anxiety at the time to find a La Leche League meeting or other form of support. My second BLO, I nursed my daughter in a carrier while photographing the event. So so different than two years prior!

world breastfeeding week - breastfeeding portraits - ebb and flow photography

This year may be my last year nursing during WBF and being counted at a BLO - my daughter is 2.5 and is partially weaned. It's more than likely she's my last child. So I want to do something really special and offer mini breastfeeding sessions for parents wishing to commemorate their own breastfeeding relationships. The more breastfeeding moms I meet, the more important I realize support is. And any breastfeeding relationship - short term, extended, re-latched, bottle fed with donor milk, tandem, SNS, any number of struggles or joys we face when nourishing our children - they are ALL worth celebrating.

There are a limited amount of slots, so grab your nursling and save your spot!