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When this family rolled out of their new mini van clad in eyelet lace I swooned. I have always had a (secret) thing for eyelet lace, so I just knew I would love photographing this family.

The girls were so adventurous, climbing up everything and running everywhere. The oldest said, "take a picture of me, I'm lost in the forest." What a brave little soul, running carelessly through the dappled fading sunlight among the palm trees.

And what an inspiring, loving momma. She is so full of love you can see it pouring out of her in everything she does. From the way she explored along the water's edge with her daughters, to how she melted into her husband's arms, and especially in her immediate response to nurse her youngest after she had been bitten by a hand full of fire ants (alas, it is Florida and they seem to be everywhere). I consider myself lucky to know her and her family.

family-at-the point

first babywearing consult

As you may already know, I am a huge fan of babywearing. I could write a never ending list of the reasons I love babywearing. So, naturally when we moved down here to Florida I looked up the local babywearing group, Treasure Coast Babywearers. This is an active group with weekly meetings up and down the Treasure Coast.

At my first meeting, the very first person I approached was a leader-in-training. We chatted a bit about what my babywearing goals are and she offered me not only wonderful advice, a chance to wear a Kinderpack, but a free in-home consult to fulfill requirements for her certification.

So yesterday morning we got a knock on our door. Angela showed up all smiles toting the polka-dot bag of learning library carriers and a few extras in the crook of her arm. My husband was there for the consult too and got to compare soft structured carriers and feel his first woven wrap.  I'm pretty sure I saw a spark flicker in his eye when he held the silky folds of Didymos between his hands. Or maybe that was just me?

What I wanted was to try a mei tai and learn more about back carries. She happened to have her own Lilibaby wrap conversion mei tai along with her (oh em geeeeee! Talk about gorgeous, soft, and so well constructed. Baby wasn't the only one drooling at this point!) so I put little Shark Bait up on my back and he was out like a light. Even though I wasn't free to wrap at this point she was still able to teach me about back carries in a wrap using my husband and herself as models.  She made sure to emphasize tightening during the wrap and locking in passes. These are just some of things that you just don't pick up through You Tube videos. If you have this resource available to you, you should definitely take advantage of it. Babywearing meetings are wonderful for learning and interacting with other babywearers, but the the one-on-one attention is priceless. All of my questions were answered and then some. When it was time for her to go she graciously let me borrow the mei tai I was wearing since Shark Bait was happily sleeping in it.

I am so so so grateful for her consult and her amazing generosity. And of course now my husband and I both want new carriers. The question is who gets the one they want first?

Later, I wore him in the mei tai out to the store in a front carry and it was so comfy and his weight more evenly distributed than in my usual ring sling. I wore him again in it on my back while I made dinner and I had to take him out since he almost fell asleep again. She had warned me that the mei tai was laden with sleepydust... and was she right!

Lilibaby mei tai wrap conversion in a back carry.

Lilibaby mei tai wrap conversion in a back carry.