Kerry's Orion - Love in Motion - babywearing photography

When I first talked with Kerry to decide on a location for her shoot she shared with me that she wore her son during barn chores had a "photogenic donkey." From that moment I was enthralled. I had to meet this momma and see this donkey.

Her long and winding driveway took me past a small barn, an adorable pond, and sprawling fields of shaded grass for her (now) two year old son to run around and adventure in. He greeted me when I pulled up by introducing me to the yard equipment. Such a friendly and talkative little man! Clearly he loved to be outdoors, and he loved being close to his momma. He clung tightly to her hip so she slipped a hip carry around him right where he was and off we went to enjoy the last fleeting moments of what coolness was left of a Florida spring morning.


How did you get into babywearing?  I own a business and knew I wouldn't be able to take much maternity leave when I had my son. I wanted to breastfeed, so I also knew I couldn't be away from him for very long, especially in the beginning. Taking him to work with me was the only solution. I ended up taking a two week maternity leave. After that, he came to work with e in a ring sling. It worked like a charm until he became mobile and wanted to move around more.

What does babywearing mean to you?  Everything really. I wouldn't have been able to work without it. I don't even know what we would've done without it. I love the closeness and the snuggles just as much as anybody else. But for me, it was really a matter of necessity.

What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like the most? The first wrap I bought was a Bali Breeze. My son was born in the summer. I work mainly outside. Staying cool was very important. When we were in the office I used a ring sling for ease of in/out when he needed to nurse. When we had to meat with a dog walking client, we used the Bali Breeze to stay cooler.