Sol - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

I was hoping to photograph Prachi from the moment I decided to start this Wrapsody project. When I first moved to this area she gave me the most encouraging advice on our local babywearing Facebook group. I was still learning back carries in my hybrid-stretch, not very good at tightening, and losing hope that I'd ever get a high back carry in my beloved wrap. She shared that she carried her toddler very snugly in her own stretch-hybrid, and that I could too, just be sure to tighten as I go. Ever since I read her enheartening words, I was filled with the confidence I needed to keep at it. Thank you, Prachi.


How did you first get into babywearing? I researched lots of different ways to babywear and came across a Moby. Then I went to my first La Leche League meeting in July 2012 and met Jade {our local babywearing group leader} who not only taught me to wear the Moby but also invited me into the babywearing group. It saved my sanity because my son needed me to be close to him and I didnt want to hold him all the time. I was also given a ring sling as a present for my baby shower from a friend.

What does babywearing mean to you? Keeping your child close.  Meeting their needs - and yours. Being in sync with your child. Easy ability to get work done but still cuddling your baby.

What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like the most? I love the feel of it. I love how its like wrapping with a t shirt. I love the supportiveness of it where I can wear my almost 3 year old and yet it is still so snug and soft and comfortable for a new squish. It's my go to reccomendation for anyone looking to get an affordable squish {newborn} wrap. Its less than $100 and especially with the stretch it can be worn from birth to as long as you can bear the weight.


Finding Harbor - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

This was an unplanned addition to my project. I was shooting a Mommy and Me session with Jen and her daughter Annabelle and I offered up my Harbor hybrid-stretch for a few shots. Unintentionally, I may have converted another babywearer to Wrapsody wraps.

How did you get into babywearing? My midwife first introduced me to babywearing at a prenatal appointment. I went to a Treasure Coast Babywearing 101 class while I was pregnant and fell in love with the idea of having my baby so close after she was born. I also began to see that many of these other babywearing moms and dads had great parenting styles that I wanted to emulate. I ordered a used sling on The Babywearing Swap and found a used Moby at a consignment store. The rest is history! I am totally hooked on babywearing forever. My childhood friend had her first baby a month ago. I brought her a wrap today and introduced her to babywearing. Her tiny little squish was instantly cozy in the wrap, and she was in love and excited to begin babywearing!

What does babywearing mean to you?  To me, babywearing is the epitome of gentle, loving, consistent parenting. I am able to follow the cues of my infant instantly when she is nestled in a cozy wrap on my chest. As an infant, my daughter rarely cried. The upright position kept her from spitting up after eating, she had a stellar latch and was fabulous at breastfeeding, and I felt a strong bond with my baby, all of which I contribute to the extended skin to skin time while babywearing. As a toddler, babywearing means I am always able to hold my daughter in the late afternoons and evenings when she is tired and wants to be carried, regardless of the dinner that I am cooking or the dishes that I am washing. Babywearing means I can go on long walks with my family and let my daughter walk when she wants to walk and ride when she gets tired and wants to be wrapped. This just means I have a really pretty scarf to wear when she is walking. ;) Babywearing has always been a way for my husband to bond with our daughter as well. He can take her along while doing all kinds of manly tasks. Our baby is learning how to enjoy this fabulous world by watching her parents closely everyday.

What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like the most? I like the way the Wrapsody Hybrid evenly distributes the weight of my 35lb toddler. I use the double hammock while I am pregnant, but have trouble with the shoulder straps digging into my neck. While using the Wrapsody Hybrid, I found it easier to tighten the chest strap and the shoulder straps were comfortable. When my second child is born in a few months, I am sure the Wrapsody will be wonderful with an infant in Florida! I am looking for a beautiful, airy wrap with stretch, and the Wrapsody is all of those.