Aphrodite by the Sea - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

There has been a bit of a buzz around dying your hair to match a favorite wrap or carrier, especially recently over at Wrapsody. So when I came around the corner to see wild pink, purple, and blue locks blowing in the breeze I was excited that Tiffane was going to be wearing a wrap that matched her hair.  Yay for #babywearinghair


How did you get into babywearing? A friend of mine got me into baby wearing and I loved it. So I did my research and became obsessed! 

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing means a lot to me. It allows me to build a bond I thought to have lost in a C-section delivery. It's comforting in many ways.


WrapDuo in H2O - Love in Motion - Babywearing photography

Here in Florida, it is ALWAYS beach season. Water wraps make for safe, water-friendly babywearing while taking dips in the pool, walks in the lapping waves, or cooling down at the fountains or splash pad.  Jessica showed me just how much fun it is to bring your baby with you into the water in a safe, hands-free snuggle. And you could tell how much her son loved it by the way he pumped his legs and splashed with his hands. What a great way to babywear, keep cool, and have a blast at the same time!

In the following photographs, Jessica is wearing her 8 month old son in a Wrapsody WrapDuo: Sport and Water Wrap in Black Pearl.


How did you first get into babywearing? I knew that I wanted to babywear even before I knew all of the benefits to it. We started off with a Moby wrap and loved it but it was SO hot. Then we discovered soft structured carriers. We got the Lillebaby Complete Airflow and loved it but we couldn't get a good seat. When we moved from Orlando to Port Saint Lucie, I joined the local babywearing group and got many helpful tips and we got our first wrap. I've been hooked ever since.

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing means lots of bonding and sweet cuddles with my little one while being able to get things done at the same time.


Stella - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

I absolutely love how Jessica lit up when she put her son in her wrap. Her smile widened and her stance grew soft with the embrace. Sometimes you can just see the love radiating from a person; Jessica simply glowed.


How did you get into babywearing? I found babywearing on my own. I worked at the library and the Treasure Coast Babywearers (TCBW) group used to meet there. I never went to a meeting, but I became interested and joined the Facebook group. From there, I bought a Seven Sling and a Moby which I hardly used at all. My now friend Laura works with my husband and she is a leader of TCBW and being friends with her has expanded my knowledge and how often I wear my children.

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing means mobility and the ability to keep up with my toddler. It's convenience at the store, the mall, walks with my family and the dog, festivals without the bulky stroller, and walk in the surf at the beach. It's mobile love and lets me be close to my children.

What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like the most? I love how thin my Wrapsody wrap is. Especially since we live in Florida! Thin and breathable is key and that is why I specifically chose to purchase my Stella. I wanted an outside-useable wrap and a wrap I chose for looks. Stella happens to fall into both of those categories.