14 months and 14 weeks - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography - Ebb and Flow Photography

I first met Lauren over a conversation about a Southern Maryland BWI exclusive wrap on our local babywearing Facebook group. Even though Maryland never truly felt like home, it was so comforting to know someone else from the Old Line State down here in Florida.

Our first face-to-face meeting was at a babywearing fashion show; we were both models! That's when I learned that she had a Wrapsody Lily Breeze for her little Lily. Of course I asked if she would model for me and share her babywearing story. Seriously, how sweet is it to have a wrap with your child's name?

Fast forward to the date of our session. We were welcomed with a low tide, able to walk into the ocean without wetting our knees all the way to a nearshore reef. And, as it also happened, we were fortunate in our timing in that she was holding two babes: a 14 month old in her wrap and a 14 week old in her womb. How serendipitous our meetings have been. :) Congrats momma!

Wrapsody Lily Breeze - Treasure Coast Babywearing Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography
Wrapsody Lily Breeze - Treasure Coast Babywearing Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography
Wrapsody Lily Breeze - Treasure Coast Babywearing Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

How did you first get into babywearing? A friend of mine from high school is a babywearing leader for Babywearing International Southern Maryland chapter. After seeing her many posts and pictures on Facebook about babywearing, I asked her about it when my daughter was about 2 months old. My daughter was cluster feeding and always wanting to be held, and I felt like I was trapped on the couch constantly! I also knew the dangers of placing her car seat on top of the shopping cart, and with her seat in the basket of the cart I was limited to small shopping trips. I knew babywearing would be a safe alternative and give me more options when out and about. It also helped because Lily fell asleep every time I wore her!

Wrapsody Lily Breeze - Treasure Coast Babywearing Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

What does babywearing mean to you? Now, babywearing is not only a matter of convenience, but a bonding experience. I believe babies were meant to be held. It is an instinct. Looking at history, and how mothers managed to live their lives before all the modern strollers, seats, and other things that have only been around recently, they have been getting it done without any of those modern "conveniences". I also totally believe a held baby is a calm, soothed, happy baby. It helped me continue breastfeeding, and enabled me to bond with my daughter while also being able to continue my life. Even going to the beach is possibility and all the beach gear we need to take, is not a big deal because I still have two hands free and can hold and comfort my daughter as needed. And now with another one on that way, I am very glad I have this skill that will help me to take care of my toddler and newborn at the same time!

Wrapsody Lily Breeze - Treasure Coast Babywearing Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography
Wrapsody Lily Breeze - Treasure Coast Babywearing Photographer - Ebb and Flow Photography

Lily in Lily - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

During my trip this summer to the Pacific Northwest I got to spend some time with my sister in law, Jen. Her daughter is three months younger than my son and truly the SMILIEST baby I have ever known. I never had a sister and I really lucked out when Jen married my brother. Since I was working on this project, I couldn't wait to include her in it and hear her babywearing story.

Now I know not everyone is a wrapper, but when your daughter is named Lily and so is the wrap, it makes the experience a little sentimental. My brother, burly and covered in beard, even tried it on and little Lily fell asleep against her daddy's chest, tucked into in a warm embrace and out of the wind off the Pacific. When Jen returned the wrap to me, she had braided it and was cradling it like a newborn. I could tell that this babywearing experience was truly heartfelt.

Wrapsody Lily - Oregon Coast - Babywearing Photography - Ebb and Flow Photography

How did you first get into babywearing? I have worn all three of my children in soft structured carriers for occasional outings. It wasn't until I was inspired by seeing you wear your son that I decided to go a little more "hard-core" and try a ring sling. I regret not starting until my third child was five months old, but better late than never.

What does babywearing mean to you? It means certain things that once seemed almost impossible are no problem at all now. I can keep something in my bag everywhere I go that will instantly make it so that my child is safe, secure, and not getting into shenanigans (if the occasion calls for it). And most importantly, it allows me to hold her closer for as long as she'll let me.

Wrapsody Lily - Oregon Coast - Babywearing Photography - Ebb and Flow Photography
Wrapsody Lily - Oregon Coast - Babywearing Photography - Ebb and Flow Photography

Wrapsody Brand Ambassador - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

This summer I had the opportunity to visit family up in the Pacific Northwest. Somehow I got to chatting with Myste, a fellow Wrapsody Brand Ambassador, about how close I would be to her on my trip. She had moved all the way from Florida to end up only 10 minutes down the street from my brother's place. There was no way to pass up the opportunity to include her in my project! Best of all she had an extra wrap to use thanks to the Wandering Wrapsody program, so she and her husband both wore their children. Such love and joy! We ended up making a play date out of it with my sister-in-law and mother joining in, sharing our experiences as mothers and babywearers alike. Thank you Myste for sharing your time and babywearing story with me and my family!


How did you first get into babywearing? When I was pregnant with my oldest, my grandmother found a stretchy Moby-like wrap at a consignment store. I think I attempted to use it one or twice and was way too frustrated and intimidated. It wasn't until my son was a few months older and I was attempting to load groceries in the cart around the car seat that I gave baby wearing another try. I picked up a soft structured carrier so my husband could wear him as well, and it's been a daily part of our lives ever since. I've fallen deeper down the rabbit hole with every baby and I can't fathom my life without wearing!


What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing, to me, is just everything. When my youngest was born I had a 2.5 year old and an 18 month old as well. I remember planning my first outing with all three kids by myself. "Who I would take out of the minivan first? And oh dear God what if I have to pee?!" Babywearing makes everything just a little more possible. I never worried about having to cut short a day at the park to nurse a cluster feeding newborn. I always have two hands free to hold my toddlers through a parking lot. I don't worry about being out of the house for nap time.
I always say I wear the baby as much for the big kids as I do for her. We're able to explore and play and cook and clean and just do life every day because of babywearing.
Right now, we're navigating that stage between baby and toddler. Wren tries her hardest to keep up with her big brother and sister and wrapping gives me the ease to help her explore with them but keep her close when she needs it.


What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like most? I love Wrapsody. I love their passion for the family aspects of baby wearing. I love the idea of Love in Motion, because really, is there a better way to sum up baby wearing? The Bali Breeze and WrapDuo were perfect before we moved from the hot hot southwest Florida summers and I love that the stretch-hybrid makes even my 20 pound 15 month old feel like wrapping a snuggly new baby.


Orion at the park - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography


This little guy was, for the record, the happiest baby I have ever met to date. And his smile was outrageously contagious. With two older sisters he better enjoy it while he can! ;)


How did you first get into babywearing? I wore my first child in a borrowed ergo at about 18 months old while on vacation in Ga.  We were doing lots of hiking and she loved it.  However, my second child was the one that really got me into babywearing.   She was a colicky baby that was only happy being held, especially in the evenings.  She would scream for at least 4 hours a night with little to no relief.  I tried everything; squats, rocking, chiropractor, probiotics, nursing.  Nothing helped!  A friend of mine said, “Try wrapping her.”  She handed me a hybrid stretch Wrapsody Rowan wrap and showed me how to use it.  That night when she started screaming I got the wrap out and once she was wrapped she immediately fell asleep.  This was our routine every evening and it was a totally life saver for me and my sweet baby.

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing carries so many different meanings for me.  It means knowing my baby is safe, comfortable and comforted.   It means still being able to be productive while not having to jeopardize any of my baby bonding time.  It also means being able to include my baby/toddler in activities I love that they might not otherwise get to be a part of.  My favorite time to wear is when we are outside of the house allowing my small children to be apart of our adventures.  Babywearing also means being able to keep up with my older child helping her grow and explore while still getting to cherish every minute with my baby.


Aphrodite by the Sea - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

There has been a bit of a buzz around dying your hair to match a favorite wrap or carrier, especially recently over at Wrapsody. So when I came around the corner to see wild pink, purple, and blue locks blowing in the breeze I was excited that Tiffane was going to be wearing a wrap that matched her hair.  Yay for #babywearinghair


How did you get into babywearing? A friend of mine got me into baby wearing and I loved it. So I did my research and became obsessed! 

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing means a lot to me. It allows me to build a bond I thought to have lost in a C-section delivery. It's comforting in many ways.


WrapDuo in H2O - Love in Motion - Babywearing photography

Here in Florida, it is ALWAYS beach season. Water wraps make for safe, water-friendly babywearing while taking dips in the pool, walks in the lapping waves, or cooling down at the fountains or splash pad.  Jessica showed me just how much fun it is to bring your baby with you into the water in a safe, hands-free snuggle. And you could tell how much her son loved it by the way he pumped his legs and splashed with his hands. What a great way to babywear, keep cool, and have a blast at the same time!

In the following photographs, Jessica is wearing her 8 month old son in a Wrapsody WrapDuo: Sport and Water Wrap in Black Pearl.


How did you first get into babywearing? I knew that I wanted to babywear even before I knew all of the benefits to it. We started off with a Moby wrap and loved it but it was SO hot. Then we discovered soft structured carriers. We got the Lillebaby Complete Airflow and loved it but we couldn't get a good seat. When we moved from Orlando to Port Saint Lucie, I joined the local babywearing group and got many helpful tips and we got our first wrap. I've been hooked ever since.

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing means lots of bonding and sweet cuddles with my little one while being able to get things done at the same time.


Stella - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

I absolutely love how Jessica lit up when she put her son in her wrap. Her smile widened and her stance grew soft with the embrace. Sometimes you can just see the love radiating from a person; Jessica simply glowed.


How did you get into babywearing? I found babywearing on my own. I worked at the library and the Treasure Coast Babywearers (TCBW) group used to meet there. I never went to a meeting, but I became interested and joined the Facebook group. From there, I bought a Seven Sling and a Moby which I hardly used at all. My now friend Laura works with my husband and she is a leader of TCBW and being friends with her has expanded my knowledge and how often I wear my children.

What does babywearing mean to you? Babywearing means mobility and the ability to keep up with my toddler. It's convenience at the store, the mall, walks with my family and the dog, festivals without the bulky stroller, and walk in the surf at the beach. It's mobile love and lets me be close to my children.

What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like the most? I love how thin my Wrapsody wrap is. Especially since we live in Florida! Thin and breathable is key and that is why I specifically chose to purchase my Stella. I wanted an outside-useable wrap and a wrap I chose for looks. Stella happens to fall into both of those categories.


The Gift of Meira - Love in Motion - Babywearing Photography

One thing I love about this project is meeting such wonderful and fabulous babywearers. Getting to know their babywearing stories is just a glimpse into the lives I get to be a part of, if only for a tiny bit.

Every session, to me, is memorable. Bridget's session was particularly memorable: it began with the usual handshake and ended with a hug.

We were welcomed this evening by the sea breeze and  a mist of sea spray. Her wrap, which fluttered in the wind, was a prize from Bee, another Wrapsody Brand Ambassador (actually more like Queen Ambassador) and had established itself as a go-to in her carrier stash. She wasn't afraid to get a little wet or scramble down rocks to the lagoon. She lived and breathed Love in Motion.


How did you first get into babywearing? I got into babywearing while I was pregnant with my second son, Callen, my 8 month old. I knew Callen was going to be our last baby and I wanted to enjoy everything and every moment to the fullest extent. When I started researching babywearing, I knew right away that this was going to give me all the things I was looking for - lots of bonding, closeness, and comfort.

What does babywearing mean to you? Since Callen has been born, babywearing has meant more to me than I ever thought possible. I suffered with postpartum anxiety after Callen and couldn't breastfeed him. Then, at three weeks old, Callen was rushed into surgery for pyloric stenosis. With all of the turmoil in his first few weeks, babywearing pulled us through some trying times. I could keep Callen close and bond with him even though we couldn't breastfeed, we did lots of wrap skin-to-skin. And after Callen's surgery all I wanted to do was wear him and keep him safe and close and feel him breathe. Now, at 8 months old and life being back to normal, we babywear still for the bond and closeness, but also because I have a busy 4 year old. Babywearing makes life's daily tasks easier, and he loves to be worn!

What aspects of Wrapsody wraps do you like most? I like Wrapsody hybrid-stretch wraps because they have just the right amount of stretch to make my baby comfortable and me as well. The hybrid-stretch has the right amount of bounce and give to it. I also love hybrid-stretch wraps because they are a "go everywhere" wrap. Whether on the boat, at the beach, or just out for a stroll, I never have to worry about my Wrapsody or having it get a little dirt on it. It washes so easily and it's super easy to take care of. Wrapsody hybrid-stretch wraps are also AMAZING for Florida heat and humidity. My baby never gets hot and sticky because the wrap is so light and incredibly soft. The air flows right through it, making wrapping in the Florida summer much more bearable.