// COMING IN APRIL 2017 //

The concept for this project arose out of my own obsession with birth stories, my passion for storytelling photography, and the impacts my own Cesarean birth has had on me.  I want to provide an outlet for healing.  A chance for stories to be shared.  An opportunity for eyes to be opened.

Nearly one third of all births in the United States are Cesarean - an appallingly high number and more than twice World Health Organization recommendations.  I could write a book on how Cesarean births are worth drawing attention to. But I will leave that to the women who choose to share their stories here. What leads up to a Cesarean? What is it like? What happens afterward? Participants in this project share their own unique Cesarean birth stories: the pain, the beauty, and the miracle that is birth.

 A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the International Cesarean Awareness Network.