Hi there! I'm Cory Janiak and I'm a family and motherhood photographer based out of Vero Beach, Florida.

I seek to document emotional connections. Moments that take your breath away while simultaneously making you want to hold them close to your heart forever.


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As a mother of two, my favorite things to document during family sessions are:

Your growing, changing, maturing family.

Mom in the frame.

The moment I told a really silly joke that only the kids laughed at.

That magical time your family came to visit Florida.

How tiny the kids are now - something you will miss dearly years from now.

Moments that show how much you love your family, and that they love you, too.



I want you to hold a photo in your hand and read the story in the laugh lines, the joy, the sentiment. I want you to have a book of memories to share with friends and family; something your children and their children will want to open and pour over year after year.  

I want you to feel raw emotions and connect over and over again with the moments I’ve documented for you.

Ebb and Flow Photography is a volunteer photographer for the non-profit Preemie Prints, supporting and sharing hope with families who have a baby born prematurely or critically ill.

Birth Becomes Her 2018 Breastfeeding Winner Ebb and Flow Photography
Ebb and Flow Photography - treasure coast birth and family photographer

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