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  Hi there! I'm Cory Janiak and I'm a birth and family photographer serving Florida's Treasure Coast.

I seek to document emotional connections. Rad moments. Frame-able instances that take your breath away and make you want to hold them close to your heart forever.


+ Guardian of Magnificent Memories +

+ Creator of Powerful Portraits +

+ Seeker of Magical Light +








Your growing, changing, maturing family

The strength of the goddess/lioness roar of childbirth.

The exact second you hold a new life in your arms.

A newborn’s first latch.

A toddler’s last latch.

Family snuggle time from the vantage of a fly on the wall.

Something you do now that you will miss dearly 5 or 10 years from now.



I want you to hold a photo in your hand and read the story in the laugh lines, the joy, the sentiment. I want you to have a book of memories to share with friends and family; something your children and their children will want to open and pour over year after year.  

I want you to feel raw emotions and connect over and over again with the moments I’ve documented for you.

Birth Becomes Her 2018 Breastfeeding Winner Ebb and Flow Photography
Ebb and Flow Photography - treasure coast birth and family photographer

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